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Transpetrol enhances fleet connectivity through VSAT renewal

Wed 09 Jan 2019 by Martyn Wingrove

Transpetrol enhances fleet connectivity through VSAT renewal
Transpetrol tankers have higher information rates through VSAT for more digital applications

An operator of crude carriers and product tankers has renewed its investment in high-level satellite communications and extended it to more ships in the fleet.

Transpetrol has renewed its contract for VSAT communications for its existing tanker fleet with Marlink. It is increasing the committed and maximum information rates that can be delivered through Sealink VSAT to its ships to boost crew welfare and apply digitalisation solutions.

Marlink will deliver higher levels of guaranteed bandwidth to very large crude carriers, Aframax and MR tankers. Its contract renewal also includes VSAT installations on two tanker newbuildings scheduled for delivery within 18 months.

Transpetrol’s tanker crews use global Ku-band VSAT, and L-band as an alternative, for data and voice communication for operations and welfare purposes. By increasing information rates, Transpetrol will utilise new digital applications and provide more access for crew, which Transpetrol fleet manager Eirik Sanderlien said is becoming essential to the efficiency of its business.

The satellite connectivity and operations communications are protected from cyber threats through Marlink’s resilient network and deploying SkyFile Anti-Virus on board each ship.

Satellite communications is managed on board Transpetrol tankers by Marlink’s XChange centralised platform. This streamlines data and voice communications and seamlessly switches connectivity between satellites and constellations.

Marlink is also providing its new XChange Cloud, a secure and scalable platform for the optimised transfer and synchronisation of files between ship and shore.

It has provided Transpetrol with SkyFile Mail for crew email and XChange Universal Remote Access, which enables shore staff to access onboard networks for IT maintenance and troubleshooting. Transpetrol can also use a data manager solution for web compression and filtering, data consumption monitoring and enhanced firewall security.

Marlink president for maritime Tore Morten Olsen explained how Transpetrol’s connectivity and communications were enhanced by VSAT.

“By providing a future-proof solution we have been able to increase their vessel’s connectivity bandwidth and speed, as well as add new digital solutions without any major hardware change or price increase,” he said.

“We are enabling Transpetrol to run its ships more efficiently while increasing crew welfare in a controlled and very cost-effective way.”

Business, operational and technical issues impacting the crude and product tanker trades will be discussed at the Asian Tanker Conference in Singapore in February.

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