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The Fjords unveils Future of the Fjords and 'unique’ charging solution

Wed 25 Apr 2018 by Rebecca Moore

The Fjords unveils <i>Future of the Fjords</i> and 'unique’ charging solution
The Fjords unveils newly-delivered all-electric Future of the Fjords

The Fjords has taken delivery of all-electric Future of the Fjords – which goes “one step further” than sister ship Vision of the Fjords and is the first vessel of its kind to offer completely emission-free transport through western Norway.

The Fjords chief executive Rolf Sandvik explained “Vision of The Fjords was an important development for us, but we had the ambition to take it one step further and replace the diesel electric propulsion with all-electric – thus eradicating all noise and emissions to air for the entire route. Future of The Fjords does just that, minimising its impact on the environment while maximising the experience of passengers who can now glide silently over the water and come closer to nature than ever before.”

Both ships are designed and constructed by Norwegian shipyard Brødrene Aa.

The vessel is propelled by two 450 kW electric motors, enabling cruising speeds of 16 knots.

The Fjords has, in partnership with Brødrene Aa, developed a unique charging solution called Power Dock. This 40 m long, 5 m wide floating glass fibre dock will sit in the water at Gudvangen, housing a 2.4 MWh battery pack. The Fjords explained “This charges steadily throughout the day via connection to the local grid network, which does not have the capacity to charge Future of The Fjords directly. The innovative solution allows the vessel to stably, efficiently and cost effectively ‘refill’ in just 20 minutes.”

The dock also stores consumables, fuel for sister vessels, and allows black water to be offloaded for treatment on land. The Fjords said this makes Future of The Fjords the only passenger vessel not to discharge directly into the fjords.

Future of The Fjords, a 42 m long carbon fibre 400 passenger all-electric catamaran, will begin operation in mid-May, making around 700 yearly round trips along the UNESCO World Heritage listed fjord route between Flåm and Gudvangen.

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