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Norwegian floating turbine to be used for research work

Wed 09 Jan 2019 by David Foxwell

Norwegian floating turbine to be used for research work
The Hywind Demo turbine will continue to provide electricity and will now be used for R&D and technology development

Norwegian energy company Equinor has reached agreement that will see the Hywind demonstrator floating wind turbine used for research purposes.

The company has entered into an agreement with Unitech Offshore that will see Unitech Offshore take over the Hywind Demo floating wind turbine outside Karmøy in Norway. The turbine will be renamed and used for research projects, development of new technology and training. From 1 February 2019, the turbine will be renamed ‘Unitech Zefyros by Hywind Technology.’

Equinor director of new energy solutions Beate Myking said “We are pleased that Unitech is taking over ownership and operation of the turbine. Hywind Demo has been very important for Equinor’s development of floating offshore wind since it came into operation 10 years ago. The fact that the turbine will continue to be used for innovation is also valuable for Equinor. Floating offshore wind will be a significant source of energy in the future.”

The turbine will now play an important role in research and technology projects at the Metcentre at Karmøy. Examples of potential uses include using it as a hub for connecting new wind turbines and development, testing and qualification of new technology.

With Unitech as the turbine’s new owner, the turbine will continue to supply electricity to Karmøy.

Unitech Offshore is best known as a supplier of subsea connector and distribution systems, infield umbilicals and flying leads and has mainly worked in the offshore oil and gas sector. More recently, it has also moved into the renewable energy sector.

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