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Norwegian designer unveils high performance crew transfer unit

Fri 09 Feb 2018 by David Foxwell

Norwegian designer unveils high performance crew transfer unit
The Voyager 38 X is designed to deliver high speed transits with excellent seakeeping, comfort and fuel economy

Umoe Mandal in Norway has developed a further version of its Wavecraft Voyager family, the Voyager 38 X, a high-performance crew transfer vessel for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Based on technology originally developed and used by Umoe Mandal for military applications, the Wavecraft Voyager 38 X was designed to reduce transit time, enhance passenger comfort, safety and efficiency and reduce costs compared with existing designs.

The Voyager 38X makes use of proven air-cushion catamaran and surface-effect-ship technology combined with a sophisticated motion control system which compensates for vertical wave motion, offering comfortable transit and safe access to other vessels and installations offshore. The vessel can be fitted with a gangway and a ‘SeaSpyder’ personnel transfer system.

The vessel is designed to transport 150 passengers and a crew of six at speeds of up to 55 knots, with excellent seakeeping, even in high sea states, good fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

The Voyager 38 X can be delivered in accordance with the requirements of all major classification societies and complies with US Coast Guard and ABS A1 HSC Crew boat, Circle E + AMS + DPS-2 classification. Applying the latest high-speed diesel engine and SCR technology, the Voyager 38 X meets stringent environmental standards and complies with EPA Tier 4 requirements.

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