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Norsafe enters ferry market with lifeboat contract for Viking Line newbuild

Thu 11 Jan 2018 by Rebecca Moore

Norsafe enters ferry market with lifeboat contract for Viking Line newbuild
Norsafe has entered the cruise and ferry market with a recently developed lifeboat

Norsafe has entered the ferry and cruise market with a new lifeboat which has been ordered for Viking Line’s newbuild ferry.

Norsafe has recently developed a modern, partially enclosed lifeboat providing a secure and protected means of escape for passengers on board vessels.

Its SOLAS-compliant Minima-88 is a compact 8.8 m long boat with a width of 4.25 m for 150 people. Norsafe said “With its signal coloured canopy, white hull and cool streamlined exterior, this fresh design brings some exciting new features.”

It added “A spacious cockpit in the middle of the boat provides excellent visibility during embarkation, with a good view for the helmsman. The forward visibility is excellent and a roof hatch in the cockpit provides vertical visibility towards the davits during launching and retrieval.”

Norsafe said that the large side doors aid the fast and efficient embarkation of the crew. Seats are arranged on two levels and a mechanical steering nozzle offers optimum manoeuvrability and increased bollard pull.

Norsafe has received an order from Xiamen Shipyard in China for Viking Line, for six Minima-88 lifeboats with compatible LHD-200 davits. This new ferry is due to come into service in 2021 on routes across the Baltic Sea between Turku, Finland and Stockholm, Sweden.

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