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Hovem to lead DNV GL Oil & Gas

Wed 04 Oct 2017 by Karen Thomas

Hovem to lead DNV GL Oil & Gas
Liv Hovem takes over from Elisabeth TÝrstad in January

Liv Hovem will replace Elisabeth TÝrstad as chief executive of DNV GLís Oil & Gas division from January, based at the businessí headquarters at HÝvik, Norway.

Ms TÝrstad becomes chief executive of the classification societyís new digital solutions business. Ms Hovem, who trained as a naval architect, is regional manager continental Europe, Middle East and India for the oil and gas unit.

DNV GLís recent Energy Transition Outlook expects the oil and gas industry to account for 44% of the total energy mix in 2050 and for gas to become the largest single source of energy from 2034.

ďWhile our model forecasts that oil demand will flatten from 2020 onwards, the stage is set for gas to continue playing a key role alongside renewables in helping to meet future lower carbon energy requirements,Ē Ms Hovem says.

The oil and gas business unit provides technical assurance and advice to operators, suppliers and regulators, from project start to decommissioning.

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