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Fjord1 to retrofit to fully-electric

Tue 26 Feb 2019 by Rebecca Moore

Fjord1 to retrofit to fully-electric
Fjord1 is retrofitting Norangsfjord and installing a charging system at port

Fjord1 is retrofitting a ferry to become fully electric and modifying a port quay to provide the charging system.

The modifications on Norangsfjord are scheduled for H2 2019. The ferry will serve the Aukra–Hollingsholmen route, where the quay at Hollingsholmen will be modified to include a complete charging system.  

Norway’s biggest ferry company has chosen Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) to supply the electrical and automation package to be used to modify Norangsfjord.

NES has delivered a number of hybrid electric propulsion systems in recent years for Fjord1’s new ferries.

“We have developed a very good collaboration through these deliveries, and we know each other’s wishes and capacities, which is why we feel confident working together,” said NES senior vice president sales Stein Ruben Larsen.

NES has previously converted diesel-powered ferries to diesel-electric propulsion ferries, and this will be the first ferry it has modified to run as a hybrid fully-electric ferry.  

Mr Larsen said the most important task as a systems integrator is to ensure that all components are securely and optimally assembled and that they communicate well.

NES will deliver system integration and calculations for Norangsfjord’s modification to a hybrid ferry. The newly developed QuadroMaster DC power distribution board with the Odin’s Eye DC grid solution are also part of the delivery.

The main services and components of the delivery are:

  • System integration and calculations.
  • QuadroMaster DC power distribution board, including Odin’s Eye and frequency converters.
  • Battery systems.
  • Charging system with plugs and transformers.
  • Upgrade of the vessel’s IAS and PMS system.
  • Integration of the reporting system Ship Performance Monitoring.

Onshore deliveries comprise:

  • System integration and calculations.
  • Charging plug.
  • Power electronics, including batteries and charging system.

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