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Norwegian Solutions

Norwegian Solutions


Riviera Maritime Media first published Norwegian Solutions in 2001 and it quickly found a niche as a popular and accessible annual read focusing on the Norwegian marine equipment sector.

In 2012 we built on its strong reputation by expanding Norwegian Solutions with a wider remit covering the total Norwegian maritime supply chain for products and services to the worldwide market. It also gained the endorsement of Norges Varemesse, which has used Norwegian Solutions to promote the Nor-Shipping event and brand, and the associated Norwegian maritime cluster, to the global maritime market.

Norwegian Solutions uniquely focuses on the international markets where Norwegian companies are established and those where they are looking to build a presence. Norwegian companies have a reputation for maritime excellence worldwide. They excel in the fields of commerce, equipment and technology, education, ship ownership and management, to name just a few.

This publication mirrors the breadth and depth of those activities.

We hope you enjoy the read.


Ed Martin, Features Writer
Ed Martin joined Riviera in April 2018, bringing several years of experience in the energy and financial news sectors. Ed was senior copy editor at Energy intelligence,  where he subedited news, features and analysis relating to the oil, gas, renewables and nuclear energy industries. Ed also worked on M&A, equities and competition law news as a content editor for Acuris’ Mergermarket, Dealreporter and Policy and Regulatory Review titles.

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