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Oil and gas firm makes breakthrough order in wind power market

Thu 19 Jan 2017 by David Foxwell

Oil and gas firm makes breakthrough order in wind power market
A grant from Innovation Norway helped Imenco transition its corrosion protection offering from offshore oil and gas into the offshore wind industry

Best known for its products for the offshore oil and gas industry, 2016 saw Imenco in Norway secure contracts for corrosion protection products for offshore windfarms in the UK and Germany

Late 2016 saw Imenco’s production facilities in Tysvær, Norway, in the process of finalising deliveries of cathodic protection for an offshore windfarm in the UK, not long after it had delivered similar equipment to a 67-turbine offshore windfarm in Germany.

The company has long been a supplier of equipment and engineering services to the offshore oil and gas sector, maritime industries, wind power and aquaculture and has offices at Tysvær and manufacturing facilities at Tysvær and in Ningbo, China, along with offices in Bergen, Lafayette, Aberdeen and Singapore. It provides design and assessment of cathodic protection systems together with Frazer-Nash Consultancy in the UK.

By providing design and simulation capability, Frazer-Nash enables engineers to design, assess and optimise cathodic protection systems. Together with Imenco’s cathodic protection systems and mechanical engineering, Imenco and Frazer-Nash say they can provide customised solutions to protect offshore assets at the lowest possible cost. These services include performance assessments of installed cathodic protection systems, optimisation of cathodic protection system configurations, concept design of impressed current cathodic protection and sacrificial anode-type systems, cost-benefit assessments of cathodic protection solutions and assessment of human factor issues as they relate to operating procedures and practices.

Imenco’s breakthrough order in the UK sees it supplying corrosion protection technology for the 336 megawatt, 56-turbine Galloper offshore windfarm, which is being built off the coast of Suffolk. Imenco’s scope of supply includes connection clamps and cables to connect the anodes to the foundations, equipment to lift and guide large anode banks into place and remote-controlled lifting anchors to release the lifting equipment after the loads have reached their final position.

Noting the fast growth in the offshore wind energy industry in the UK, elsewhere in Europe and in countries such as China, the Norwegian firm adapted its product offering from the offshore oil and gas industry to meet the needs of the offshore wind industry, providing sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection. The anodes are installed and connected to the foundation after the installation of the structure is completed. Imenco’s solutions enable a rapid and cost-effective operation completely without the use of divers.

Imenco managing director Geir Egil Østebøvik said the deliveries to the offshore wind energy industry were “very important to our company” and would be reference projects in the growing market for offshore wind power. “They are especially welcome at a time when our traditional market in the offshore oil and gas industry is going through a very demanding period.”

Earlier in 2016, Imenco secured an NKr500,000 (US$62,500) grant from Innovation Norway to help it transition from the offshore oil and gas industry into the offshore renewables market. The funds were invested in research and development of new products for offshore windfarms. Imenco also received a similar amount to help it transition into the growing aquaculture industry, enabling it to expand its technical expertise in aquaculture and to adapt existing products to another new market.

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