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Norwegian shipowners support request for offshore wind demos

Thu 30 Mar 2017 by David Foxwell

Norwegian shipowners support request for offshore wind demos
Norwegian vessel owners would like to see government action to develop opportunities in offshore wind energy

The Norwegian Shipowners Association, many of whose members own and operate offshore vessels, says it supports a proposal that the government in Norway should promote the realisation of demonstration projects for floating offshore wind.

The association says it also supports demonstrators for other forms of ocean-based renewable energy technology and a strategy to examine opportunities to develop the Norwegian supply chain in renewable energy production.

“The association sees the need to map out opportunities for public financing of a pilot installation for floating offshore wind, and the establishment of standards for certification and verification of offshore wind,” said the association.

It noted that wind energy is a significant industry in Europe, with over 300,000 jobs and NKr699 billion (US$82 billion) in annual turnover. “Wind energy has significant potential for decarbonising energy production, improving energy security, and providing European companies with competitive advantages,” it said, noting that offshore wind has significant potential in many parts of the world.

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