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Norwegian Electric Systems delivers energy storage solution to Skansi Offshore

Mon 04 Sep 2017 by Paul Fanning

Norwegian Electric Systems delivers energy storage solution to Skansi Offshore
The battery pack will be fitted on board platform supply vessel Sjoborg

Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) is to supply its first energy storage solution to shipowner Skansi Offshore on board Skansi Offshore’s platform supply vessel Sjoborg.

The power pack will provide enough power to supply the whole vessel’s needs should a generator failure occur during DP operations. The vessel will be able to move safely away from any hazardous areas of operation under battery power alone.

The battery pack will allow the vessel to operate on less diesel during transit, offering peak shaving capabilities and acceleration assistance. During visits to the quayside the battery pack can use shore power for charging or supplement the shore connection if higher onboard power demands are needed.

The energy storage solution supplied by NES for Sjoborg will be a simple, containerised solution requiring the minimum of upgrading work for the existing electrical system. “Our aim is to make the whole experience for Skansi Offshore as simple as possible, plug-and-play, if you like,” says Norwegian Electric Systems’ product manager for energy storage, Mikael Odland.

The solution comes with fire safety protection and cooling. Minor changes to the vessel’s automated systems will be carried out which will give the crew on board real-time information about the battery’s status.

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