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Kanfer Shipping targets South American LNG demand

Fri 12 May 2017 by Karen Thomas

Kanfer Shipping targets South American LNG demand

Small-scale LNG firm Kanfer Shipping is strengthening its presence in South America, targeting the regionís gas-to-power demand, signing partnership deals in Brazil and in Chile.

Norway-based, Stig Hagen-led Kanfer has appointed Paschoalin Consultoria em Engenharia its representative in Brazil, having spotted an opportunity for coastal and inland shipments of LNG.

Paschoalin executive director Roberto Paschoalin says Brazil has growing demand for LNG. The two companies have identified prospective local partners for Kanferís small-scale concept, which is inspired by the way that articulated barges operate in the US. The concept comprises two ship-shaped barges and a tailor-made tug.

One barge (FSU) is connected land side to pump LNG or natural gas ashore. The second barge is connected to the tug, for towage to or from the LNG-supply source. Using a tug makes it possible to replace the empty barge with a loaded one, creating a continuous supply of LNG.

Kanfer says the barges could also be self-propelled, eliminating the need for towage. The concept can also be scaled up, using more than two barges, if land-based demand requires it or to deliver bunkers to LNG-fuelled ships.

In March, Kanfer appointed E&A its representative in Chile. The company has signed letters of intent for its technology in Europe, South America and the Caribbean.

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